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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shepherd's Conference 2010

The Shepherd's Conference here at Grace Community Church is a BIG DEAL!!!  I have never experienced anything quite like this before.  What an amazing opportunity for those who come to Grace to serve and encourage pastors from all over the world, while being encouraged by them at the same time!  There were something like 3200 pastors that attended this year!

The campus is always at it's absolute best for the Shepherd's Conference... Even down to polishing the door handles of each room!  

 There is a vast abundance of food ALL OVER the campus!  The men are truly spoiled when they come here!

Then there are the volunteers.  Hundreds of them!!!

I volunteered to work in the Shepherd's Shoppe which sells all sorts of gifts for the men to take home with them.  Here's what the store was like:

These are some of the wonderful people I served with in the store.  It was a long, tiring week but I just loved every minute of it!!!  Andrew and I would get to Church before the sun was up and leave around midnight every night because he was the Coordinator of the three Bookstores on campus.  If you would like to take a look at the Conference Photographer's beautiful work, here is his link:

Here are some pics I took of the campus at night:

All in all, the Shepherd's Conference was a huge success!!! 

Thanks for looking!!!

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