Romans 1:20

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Engagement of Victoria Elaine Ramsden to Andrew Zekveld

What better a reason to go all out and celebrate than for the "three week anniversary of Vicky's visit to the States"! A little random, yes, but that was the cover up used for all the events to follow on what was to be the most memorable day of our lives to date...

Andrew: Let's back up a little to November 2008 ... or shall we go back to a month after our first date?? Since the first date both of us knew ... one day, we'd get married. But the proposal should still be a surprise, right! So, hypothetically speaking, for if I would ever consider purchasing a ring, Vicky sent me pictures of many different rings that she liked for various reasons. After a conversation discussing every picture, I had a list of things Vicky likes in a engagement ring :) So, in November I started researching diamond rings. After spending much time on google and the local jewelry stores, I had the perfect ring in mind. After some negotiation at a couple of the stores, I ended up combining elements of two different rings to make 'the ring'.

Two weeks later (yes, it was custom made, so I had to wait two weeks ... but that was OK, Vicky wasn't even in the USA yet ...) I had the ring in my hand! And for the next month 'the ring' was stored away in a drawer of my desk - not that it stayed there permanently!! Every once in a while I would sneak the little red box out of the drawer, open it carefully and stare at the ring ... a visual of what was about to happen in the not-too-distant future. ... And then on the evening of January 5, 2009, the ring came out of the drawer for the last time ... a good deal of prayer and thought went into planning 'the day' while looking at the ring in my hand that in less than 24 hours would be the ring on the finger of the girl for whom it was made 2 months earlier.

Vicky: January 6 2009.

While my morning was a leisurely one filled with blissful ignorance, Andrew's had started at the crack of dawn, and by the time he had arrived to fetch me from the Van Straaten's home at 8h45, he had already made a trip down to the Airport to collect the first part of the surprise that would only add to the excitement of the day. True to nature, I made some admiring comment on the beautiful black mustang, my favourite car, parked in the driveway outside. As we walked
past it Andrew suddenly, with a huge grin on his face, pulled out a key and opened the door for me to climb in! It took me a few moments to actually understand what was going on, but soon sheer excitement and happiness followed! As we played around with our camera before hitting the road, it was of course natural for me to be confused as to why he would do so much for "just" a three week anniversary, but he was adamant that it wasn't everyday we had the chance to go to Disneyland either, so it was the best time to celebrate something. A few revs of the engine, and any questions I had entertained were soon forgotten as thoughts of fast cars and fun rides took their place...

Andrew: Arriving at Disneyland we were torn between a driving experience of a lifetime and the happiest place on earth. Knowing that we could drive around all night, we determined to make the most of Disneyland.

Enjoying the rides ... absolutely terrified of losing the ring which took my camera's place in the camera bag ...

Soon I'd be looking up to her like that ... but she doesn't know that yet :)

Now I'm starting to get a little more nervous ... only a couple of hours till the big moment!!

The last ride before the big moment ...

Ok, it worked ... relieved the nervous system somewhat ... or not.

After a couple rides a group of friends joined us providing me with the opportunity to go to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride's restaurant and follow up on my reservation of a 'table for two'. I didn't just want any 'table for two' ... but the most romantic and memorable one. Needless to say, the girls checking on my reservation were super excited and booked the best table for us. With the reservation for 4pm, I started getting nervous (ok, I was nervous the whole day - I got MORE nervous) at 3:45 wondering how I could split off the group with Vicky to go 'for coffee'. Well, Vicky made it easier herself by verbalizing her desire for coffee, so we headed off only to wait for over an hour for 'the table' to clear. After an hour Vicky started wondering what was happening after some couples that entered after us were leaving already and we were still waiting. How was I supposed to tell her that we are not just waiting for any table-for-two, but are patiently waiting for a specific couple to get up from a specific table-for-two. So I just didn't say anything and hoped she didn't make too much of it :)

But finally the moment arrived and I was seated across from my girlfriend (soon to be fiancee??) ... with a box with a ring in it clasped between my legs so I would not be struggling to have the ring ready when the moment arrived. Coffee in hand, and half-eaten dessert on the table we were enjoying the unique setting of the
Blue Bayou discussing the amazing three weeks that we got to share together after almost 5 months of dating online. All this was part of the build-up for the little paper in my hand to emerge .... Shivering with cold (mmmm ... if it was because of the cold, why did the shivering stop a couple of minutes later??? Anyway ...) I pulled up the paper and looked Vicky in her beautiful brown eyes ... and read the words I had written down carefully the night before ... "10 Things that I Love about You" ...

Vicky: And then the words: "But, Vicky, there is still one thing you need to know... You are the one I love and always want to love. Will you marry me?" On one knee he opens the ring box and on my finger he put the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! My tears fell freely as I heard what I had always longed to hear, and we rejoiced in the Lord together for the amazing gift of companionship and love that we found in each other. Everyone around us , even those on the boat ride next to the restaurant were cheering and just genuinely happy for us! I will never forget that moment!!! It was so much fun later to go and find our friends, tell them all the wonderful news and have them share in our joy!!!

The fireworks and displays for the Fantasmic show that evening were even more beautiful to us through our lovestruck eyes, and a great end to a wonderful experience at Disneyland. On our way home we had In-n-Out with the Van Straatens, and then drove the mustang along Malibu beach, not wanting the day to end, finally making our way along the winding canyon road back to Newhall.

Andrew and I are just thrilled to be able to share this wonderful event with everyone as it marks the beginning of a very special time in our lives where the Lord has brought us together to prepare for the amazing covenant of marriage before Himself. We would love for you all to be witnesses of our commitment to living out our Savior's example of His love for His Church.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us! It is so special to be able to share your joy and see your love for each other!

  2. So glad you found someone like Andrew my friend! Hope all the wedding plans go well! Enjoy every moment on your big goes by so quickly!

    Andrew...big thumbs up for all the thought & effort you put into making this day so super special...I'm sure you already know it but Vicki is truly one in a million!

    Lots of love


  3. Precious V & A - the whole family (and church and respective workplaces) have watched with awe as God has answered your prayers for each other. All praise and glory to his matchless name.

    Celia and Hartmut Dedekind

  4. wauw andrew you made this a very special moment for your lady! and all the pictures for us to illustrate the story :)

    Lishe & Michael