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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Engagement photo's with Rachel Ferkovich

Neither Andrew or myself are great fans of being in front of the camera, however, there was something about the occasion that made it seem like something we wanted to do! the whole morning we drove around the Santa Clarita valley looking for good spots to have them done, and by the end of it we had five or six places we wanted to go to. After giving it much thought as to what time of day we wanted to be at each one, we headed home to spruce ourselves up for the big photoshoot. Naturally everyone sat around waiting for me to be happy with the state of my hair, but then it was all systems go. A few outfits in tow we went to the Grace Baptist Church outdoor amphitheatre for our first batch.

With such a beautiful venue, we battled to pull ourselves away to go to the next place, but when we saw how quickly the sun was setting, we hopped into the car to try and get to the next place where we could catch the sunset. We rushed out of the car when we got to the park on Whites Canyon, and ran up the hill where we got a few shots with the beautiful shades of yellows and blues behind us.

But with no time to waste, we went off to a place with really cool old school Jackpumps along Sierra Highway. There we had fun with the fish eye lens that Rachel had just bought, and enjoyed the really cool environment to shoot cool pics in. The sun went down and we got some cool night shots too.

Our last stop was the Newhall Train Station, where the feel is very modern and romantic. The shelters were very architectural, and the variety of the texture of the materials just added to the aesthetics... I took my guitar along and we wandered the platform, and some great shots came out!!!

After the photo's were taken, the three of us went off to Stonefire and enjoyed looking through the pictures as we had. Thank-you to Rachel for doing this for us, it is a very special way to be able to remember our Engagement!

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