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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Warren's Annual visit to the States

We love it when South Africans come to LA and we have even more fun when it's someone we know! Warren Upton who used to go to Hillcrest Baptist Church with me is out for work and came to LA for a few weeks for the resolved Conference hosted by Grace Community Church.
We were so happy to hear that he was on his way out to the States again this year, and were first in line to pick him up from the airport! As usual he traveled super light so our pick up was easy and painless! The first stop was obviously to get some lunch at the first In-N-Out in the area!

(Ok, we didn't really buy this many burgers!!! Just some random pic off the net!)

Next, we hit the road and headed off to tour the area with him! We drove along the Pacific Highway, checking our the surf, and then headed through the mountains back towards Newhall...

So, just in the last canyon before Santa clarita we found this awesome windy road with huge sandstone cliffs that we just had to stop and climb for the fun of it... (or the boys did, and I just watched... Slip-on's are not ideal for sandy climbs...)

Our last stop was to take Warren to the Grace to You building, and he was all worried about going there while not being "washed up after at least 24 hrs of flying"! No worries, Warren! They aren't open on a Saturday!

We then went to our house to hang out, let him get washed up and ate a fancy dinner of Pizza and fries, and then dropped him off at Justin and Katie Wade's HUGE home where he was going to call home for the next few weeks. We look forward to spending some more time with you while you're here Warren! Resolved is but a week away!

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