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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun at the Dodgers Game

Today we had the wonderful privilege of going to the Dodgers Game with the Bird family. Scott Bird is Andrew's boss and one of his favorite people. Amy, Scott's wife is one of my favorite people! And let's not forget those most adorable 3 boys - Jonah and Noah (who look more like Andrew's kids than Scott's) and then Jacob who is still in mummy's tummy due in mid October. The trip to the game was also to celebrate our 4 month Wedding anniversary. On our way there, Andrew and I stopped at the best pizza place ever! So yummy! We just got our new cellphones and mine, which has GPS, was directing the way through the traffic to the Stadium.

The parking lot of the Stadium overlooks Downtown Los Angeles

Inside the Stadium, the noise is very loud! It felt much like going to a rugby match back home!

There is the Bird family! Thanks for inviting us to come along!

Noah is 2 years old and a real cutie!

Jonah is 4 and just loves "Mr Andrew and Miss Vicky"!

On the board after the 7th inning the crowd sings "Take me out to the ball game" Here's a video of it if you want a taste of the sorts of things that we do at the game!

The game lasts quite a while and the sun has set...

With the game over, we took some pics and then headed off our separate ways! We had a great time! Baseball may not be as cool as Rugby but it sure beats a Cricket match!!!

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