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"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day Two in Vancouver...

Appointment at the US Consulate in Vancouver: 10.00 am. Don't be late!!! I was up super early, nervous that I would oversleep, and checked and double checked the documents to make sure I had everything before I headed off... With some reassuring words from Andrew on the phone, I headed off to brave the public transport system. Turns out they don't take notes... But! They are really friendly and I hitched a free ride into town!

When I got there, turns out I'm not the only one with a 10 o' clock appointment! Each half hour has about 15-20 people! You are also not allowed to take any bags into the building, so I had to pay $5 for a local storekeeper to hold it for me! He has made quite a business out of us unsuspecting customers!

Well, three hours later I emerge from the building. I was nearly speechless at how amazingly the Lord worked out all the details. Even in my narrow window of being here in Canada, my new F2 US visa will be ready for pick-up on Friday afternoon, and still leaves me enough time to get back to the US! Although the process was extremely slow to apply, they are quick to get the visas completed and I am able to pick it up again from the Consulate! Praise the Lord! A quick phone call to the hubby to share the good news and I was off to explore Downtown Vancouver! This is the area that I walked!

Modern office building

Reflections in the glass. And note all the trees in the city!

Vibrant fall colors!

Mmmm! Celebrations with a Tim Horton's Coffee and Doughnut!

Vancouver Law Courts

Holy Rosary Cathedral

Vancouver Public Library. In Second year of Architecture I actually studied this building as a precedent for a design project! Was really cool to see and experience the real thing!

More radiant leaves!

Residential skyscrapers

The whole city is on various levels and there are great views all over the place!

Public Park on Carrall Sreet

The Chinese Garden was magnificent!

Chinatown District of Vancouver

The International Village for the Olympics

International Village Shopping Center

An old, cobbled street in the Heritage District

I stopped in to browse Mr. Big & Tall for Andrew!

Then to the International Convention Center on the Burrard Inlet

Looking back at the Harbour Center

On my way back I saw the Library again

Then I got on the wrong bus and did a gigantic detour, but got to see more of the city!

Back on track, I took pictures from the Granville Street Bridge. Is it not the most beautiful city?!

There was a really cool park at the foot of the bridge too, there are just tons of really well groomed public areas...

the wiring for the electric buses. This city is known for it's "Greenness"!

The house where I was staying... Actually, there is an apartment in the basement that the lady rents, and that's where I was staying. Pics to follow!

After a long busy day I took myself down to the local coffee house to use the net, enjoy a caffeine intake and post pictures! The evening brought the most beautiful sunset, and I knew that I was most blessed!

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