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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our First Football Game!

The Rose Bowl in Hollywood is the home of The UCLA "Bruins" (Pronounced Broo-ins! Something to do with a bear...) American Football team. College Ball is a big thing and tickets cost a lot! Justin's treat, he took Raqel, Andrew and I to see the game!

As you can see, there are over 80 people in a team, each player specializes in a specific play, and the whole team changes every few minutes! Wierd! There's also two poles that are important, and a little red rugby ball is involved somehow!

Another essential piece of the scene is the brass band. Each team has it's own one...

The flag was only half raised in remembrance of the Firefighters battling the flames on the other side of the mountains there.

I think they are tossing the coin here...

Ooh! Action shot! Love the outfits? Gold tights and helmet!

"Huck!" or "Huh!" or "Hup!" or something along those lines!!!

Cheerleaders in action! They move around the edge of the field as the game goes on.

"U"..."C"..."L"..."A"..."UCLA! Fight, Fight, Fight!"

There is a lot of this! Pausing, waiting and swapping out players. Has nothing on Rugby, I say...

Aah! Sunflower seeds with a spicy powder are a staple at the game, along with peanuts in their shells.

This is a wierd game they play on the screen at half time. People go crazy for it. A hidden ball behind one of the bears, they shuffle around and you have to follow where the ball ends up.

Us, the nice tanned couple! Andrew's eyes were all sore because I got sun spray in his eyes by accident! Poor guy!

Our two dear friends!

The cherry girl, kitted out in her new UCLA tee!

The pom poms!

Action off the ball is apparently allowed here!

The band!

A big display with flags and what we call "drummies" in SA

The mini team out on the field! So cute!

On the way to a touch down!

The team emerging from the tunnel again!

The spare players for this play just sit around and wait!

See all of them lining the sidelines!!!

The End! Don't remember the score but it was a fun experience! Thanks Justin! will stick to Rugby...

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  1. As you say, those outfits are something else - and all those extra players hanging about.... what is that? Amazing experience, I'm sure. mom