Romans 1:20

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Day with Anna Taljaard

I had no idea that today would turn out the way it did, but it was just incredible to see the Lord's hand in every moment...  The events in Anna and Lonngren's second pregnancy have taken a turn, but the Lord has been gracious and shown Himself as active and intimately involved in their lives and the life of their unborn!  He saw fit to bring another trial into their life, but along with it, tremendous grace and blessings.  

Since Andrew had an exam this afternoon, I could leave early since I would only go to his class first thing in the morning.  A few days ago I "happened" to bump into Anna and asked if I could hang out with her, maybe get her to practice her Afrikaans on me or something!  She agreed but realised she had a doctor's appointment for that morning.  But instead of canceling with me she invited me to come along with her, since it would just be a "routine" ultrasound.  So at 9.30 she picked me up from Seminary and off we went to the doctor in Tarzana.  I have never seen an ultrasound first-hand so I was really excited!

We arrived there and got signed in, and waited for our turn.  Then we went in, and the doctor came and did the ultrasound.  I was amazed at how perfectly formed the little unborn boy was at 24 weeks!  We could even see the 4 chambers of his heart!  It was just incredible!  The doctor seemed very happy with how everything looked from the ultrasound.  She happened to mention to the nurse that she had previously miscarried twins last year which she mentioned in turn to the doctor in passing.  It 'just so happened' that the doctor decided to do a further inspection because of her past pregnancy complication and from it discovered some very concerning signs that her cervix was already dilating which can allow for early labor and infections!  Both Anna and I were shocked, and had not expected to hear something like this...  After talking through the situation with the doctor, he immediately transferred her to go and see her usual doctor to take action.  We sat in the car for a few minutes before we left, just praying both for Anna, the little child and for the doctors who would be working with her.  It truly was a blessing that I had just happened to go along with her that day because it would have been really hard for her to go through on her own...

We drove across to the Hospital, all the  where we waited to see Dr. Vreelds, Anna's Christian doctor who is very wise and has a biblical worldview and perspective on these situations.  He immediately scheduled her for surgery.  Anna chose not to tell Lonngren before she had heard from the doctor, as he had an exam in just a few hours, but now she called and brought him up to speed with what was going on.  While all of this was happening I marvelled at the grace of God, seen in how Anna was able to respond in such a godly and humble way to this serious news, and how the Lord had worked out all of these details so that the doctors could discover the problem early and act accordingly.  She was checked in as a patient and was placed into the Triage section of the Delivery and Labor unit at Providence Adventist hospital straight away and placed an IV on her arm, and took a bunch of samples for the lab.  

We were not sure about the time for the surgery and so the two of us spent the afternoon together in fellowship until the boys were done with their exam.  More amazing circumstances were that Andrew happened to have his own car at seminary today, and that both Andrew and Lonngren were in the same exam, as well as the fact that the other person in the carpool was able to get another ride home so that Andrew could bring Lonngren to the hospital once they were done.  When the boys arrived, I swapped out my position with Lonngren and we headed home, the events of the day still fresh in our minds and just praised the lord that He had worked all these things in such a unique but perfect way.

Anna had her Cerclage at 6.30 this evening and which apparently went very well.  Both her and the baby are very healthy!  Praise the Lord for having his all-powerful and sovereign hand over Anna and child during this time!

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