Romans 1:20

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Honeymoon

After a few minutes on the highway the last of the toilet paper flew off the aerial, and we were destined for a place kept top secret from me, up until we drove into the driveway! "The View" was our first destination of our first week together, set on a high ridge just past Amanzimtoti. We were shown to our Honeymoon suite, kitted out with Jacuzzi, huge four poster bed and our favourite - a balcony that overlooked the whole of Kingsburgh about 45 minutes from Durban, and you could see the coast for miles in each direction. The Guest Lodge was quiet and newly renovated, the food was very delicious and the room service had to be the highlight for me!

We stayed here for the first two days, going down to the beach or checking out the local shopping centres, driving around to see what we could see. Most of the time we just enjoying being married, not doing anything in particular, and being amused by the novelty of big rings on our fingers that told everyone that we were taken!!! What a fun thing rings are!!!

Believe it or not, we even built a puzzle that I had given Andrew as a joke as part of his Christmas present, with kitties on it. During the day there was construction going on on the property so we tried to be out as much as possible.

I was super excited when we got to go to the next place, I definitely am one for exploring even though I know the coast in and around Durban quite well. On our drive there we took the old road that follows the coast line and stopped off at a whole bunch of places along the way - any spot that seemed beautiful or had a good view. We walked some of the beaches, collected shells and played in the waves, before we headed to our new accommodation.

Upon arrival at our destination in Shaka's Rock, we were greeted by the sweetest lady that worked there, who showed us to our very lovely room and got us settled in. The grounds were so beautiful and peaceful, and even the suite was tucked away in the corner of the garden and wonderfully secluded from the rest of the B & B. We were only one of two couples staying there for the first few days, and were pampered with the most delicious breakfasts. Fruit Salad, cereals, croissants, toast, eggs, omelettes - you name it! The lady in the kitchen specifically looked out for us, other people that were at the B & B later in the week used to eat all the croissants so the one day she told them there weren't any and then took them and put them in our room while we were out!

The beach was only a few minutes walk from where we were staying but we still hopped in the car and drove up and down the coast spying out the best beaches to explore. The beaches here are of the most picturesque in the world and the perfect weather only added to the beauty of the days spent here. One of the evenings brought a thunder storm which was so refreshing, but by the next morning the sun was shining again! We were very blessed that way.

We had plenty of opportunity to try out the restaurants in the Lifestyle Center in Ballito. We went to Beira Alta, Primi Piatti, Nando's and even the good old Wimpy! The fancy ones were most fun because we could dress up a little and the atmosphere was a very romantic one at night.

On the last day of honeymoon, Andrew asked that I take him to see some of the homes I had worked on in Princes Grant Golf Estate, only a half an hour's drive from where we were staying. We toured the grounds and I even got to take him into one of the bigger homes because the owners were down for the long weekend and invited us in. As usual, Andrew was a huge hit with the people I introduced, and him being a Pretorian just added to their delight. We sat and "kuiered" with my clients, laughed at the good and bad times we had during design and construction. We finished off the tour with a lunch at the Clubhouse before we made our way back home, of course taking the scenic route back!

As our time drew to a close, we realised how quickly time had flown! The thought of the flight to the States was heavy on our minds, as well as the farewells that had to happen before then... But we were so glad we would be doing it together, and with the support of each other, we would be able to get by. We knew the Lord had blessed us with our marriage and amazing honeymoon. The road ahead that we were to follow was to be in His perfect will if we were obedient to Him and He would see us through the good and hard times alike, our strength would be drawn from Him. Rejoicing in that privilege, we made our way back to start the exciting journey that was awaiting us.


  1. Wow, Andrew, we are impressed!
    Looks like you two had a awesome time!

  2. What an amazing chapter in your lives together - GOD IS GOOD