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"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Making it work"

Although the complex itself was nothing to get excited about, the moment I walked through our door, Apartment #12 was home. It was love at first sight as I looked around, exploring my new playground, where my life with Andrew would begin to unfold and be shaped. I was just overwhelmed with how perfect it was for our needs. It was a one bedroom apartment with a large living area, and cozy bedroom overlooking the street from the second floor of the building. The walls and cupboards were freshly painted, the carpet brand new, as well as the sink and counter tops. I was amazed that it was in such an amazing condition!

There was a small problem though! It was completely empty, other than a few kitchen things that a good friend had brought in for us. So we brought up our luggage, and then went to bring all of Andrew's things from his old apartment, conveniently a few houses down from where we were now! Andrew had been given a fridge before he left to South Africa, which was the first thing to arrive via dolly to the apartment. Next was a large quantity of the best literature available to a seminary student, a bag of clothes, a desk, an office chair and two bookshelves. This was the extent of our furniture. Naturally, our first stop was to find a bed - an air mattress was a good temporary measure, so we bought one, along with a sheet and duvet, and some pillows and cases. With takeaways for dinner, we set up what little we had so that Andrew would be able to at least study, since he had Seminary class to go to in the morning. So while Andrew did homework for his classes, I unpacked books and clothes, and started making lists of all the things we were to keep a look out for.

Andrew's Seminary wall! All geared up to go for the last part of the semester...

Our miniature Kitchen, very compact, but perfect for the two of us.

The front of our Living Room with entrance door from the Courtyard to the left, and our only window on this side of the house!

The view from the corner of our Living Room with Kitchen on the left, passage straight ahead, and Andrew's seminary wall to the right where the entrance door is also.

The passage with Bedroom though to the left, and Bathroom straight ahead

Our cute little Bathroom, with the vanity on the right edge of the picture

The Bathroom vanity is in the passage, and the Bathroom is to the left, and Living Room to the right

View from the corner of our Bedroom towards the passage, and our huge closets!

Our Bedroom

Over the next few weeks we slowly began to build a home for ourselves, starting with the necessities, like a couch, which we picked up from the side of the street, and some more bedding. A family also gave us a few items of furniture which was a huge help! Anything we couldn't use we passed on or sold on Craig's-List, a very cool website for LA which you can buy or sell anything on... It has been such a joy to have a place that we can call our home. A place to relax and rest, to enjoy and fellowship in. It's more than just our apartment, it's the beginning of the 'nesting' dream I have had since I was a little girl! But there's much more still to be done, I'll keep you posted on the additions!

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  1. Nothing like a blank canvas to work on - God is SO good - can't wait to see what you do to put your stamp on everything